ThemePARCC is an interactive gaming model developed specifically to prepare students in grades 3-8 for the PARCC test.

ThemePARCC’s goal is not only to improve individual student performance, but to facilitate classroom collaboration. ThemePARCC gives parents and teachers a detailed view of student progress so that they can take immediate action to help students succeed.

ThemePARCC consists of three parts:

  • 1. Interactive “battles” that enable students to test their knowledge of Math and Literacy via sets of questions mapped to Common Core Standards. Students receive immediate feedback, and can request “hints” or view free, open educational resources that have been mapped to the questions.
  • 2. Collaborative gaming experience that enables students to work together as a class to restore an old amusement park to it’s former glory by using the parts they win in “battles” to re-build rides.
  • 3. Analytics that enable parents and teachers to view student progress and performance as students answer questions in ThemePARCC battles. These analytics are not included in student grades. ThemePARCC is a safe place for students to practice for standardized tests.